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  • Halfway through, it just becomes Mary Poppins starring Jewel, and nobody notices.
  • Carrie Underwood takes a Louisville Slugger to both headlights of Hitler’s pickup truck.
  • The hills are alive, but you know, like, they have eyes.
  • A panicked look on Underwood’s face as she forgets “My Favorite Things” and has to make up the lyrics: “Raindrops on racists and nipples on chickens.”
  • Accidental swears.
  • I hope they keep the scene where the kids are lined up by height. Oh wait, that’s every scene.
  • Funkier new disco arrangements by Nile Rodgers and Hammerstein.
  • All the kids’ voices deepen four octaves between rehearsal and performance.
  • All the success of NBC’s last musical theatre endeavour, Smash.
  • A convoluted backstory to explain Underwood’s southern accent.
  • Sets that look an awful lot like the Cliffhangers set from The Price is Right.
  • Changing a few lyrics for sponsors: “How do you solve a problem like eczema? Cortizone!”
  • An acknowledgment of what the lonely goatherd does when he gets really lonely.
  • By popular demand, the Ricola jingle.
  • “La” breaks up with “Do Re Mi,” stating, “Is that all I am to you, a note to follow so?”


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It’s coming…

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From the Wikipedia entry for “That’s So Suite Life of Hannah Montana”

That’s So Suite Life of Hannah Montana is a crossover episode of the Disney Channel sitcoms That’s So RavenThe Suite Life of Zack & Cody, and Hannah Montana. In the United States it aired on July 28, 2006 as a three-part special and served as a TV movie. The Crossover was watched by 7.1 million viewers.[1] In Brazil, it was watched by over 7 million viewers, the highest rated program in cable television in the country at the time of the premiere, beating well known series such as MonkThe Closer, and Psych.

There’s so much I don’t know about Brazil.

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Do the pop culture references in Barenaked Ladies' "One Week" still hold up?


The song hit #1 in the US 15 years ago today. Do the rap verses still make sense?

Line: "You’ll think you’re looking at Aquaman/ I summon fish to the dish…."
1998: Aquaman’s ability to communicate with fish was generally considered a lame superpower.
2013: After a faux movie on Entourage and a failed TV series, Aquaman is still as lame as ever.

Line: "Although I like the Chalet Swiss"
1998: Back then, Swiss Chalet was Canada’s premier destination for roasted chicken and starch.
2013: Same.

Line: "Big like LeAnn Rimes, because I’m all about value"
1998: At the time, 16-year-old Rimes had the most wholesome image imaginable.
2013: 15 years later, she’s a tabloid mainstay, from breaking up marriages to being “too skinny.”

Line: "Bert Kaempfert’s got the mad hits"
1998: Kaempfert, the songwriter behind “Strangers in the Night” and “Danke Schoen,” was long dead in the late ’90s.
2013: Still dead.

Line: "Chickity China, the Chinese chicken"
1998: A reference to Busta Rhymes’s verse in A Tribe Called Quest’s “Scenario.”
2013: This is now probably the most recognizable line in the history of pop music.

Line: "Watching X-Files with no lights on”
1998: The X-Files ran from 1993 until 2002.
2013: Now people would probably watch something else, like Fringe or Veronica Mars or something.

Line: "Like Harrison Ford I’m getting Frantic"
1998: This was an obscure reference even in 1998, as Ford had made a dozen movies more memorable than Frantic.
2013: Ford has not made any notable movies in the past 15 years.

Line: "Like Sting, I’m tantric"
The former Police frontman became synonymous with tantra after a 1990 interview in which he claimed to engage in marathon sex sessions.
2013: A couple years ago, Sting’s wife, Trudie Styler, clarified things. Apparently, Sting was pretty drunk when he gave that interview and things got exaggerated.

Line: "Like Snickers, guaranteed to satisfy"
1998: The chocolate bar’s marketing campaign centered on its ability to satisfy (as well as “Not going anywhere for a while?”).
2013: The commercials still claim that Snickers satisfies. They add, “You’re not you when you’re hungry.”

Line: "Like Kurosawa I make mad films/ OK, I don’t make films/ But if I did they’d have a samurai"
A reference to the Japanese director of Seven Samurai, who died in 1998, after the song’s release.
2013: BNL’s Ed Robertson still doesn’t make mad films, but he does make Ed’s Up, a TV series where he flies his own plane and then tries to do people’s jobs. Still no samurai though.

Line: "Gotta get in tune with Sailor Moon/ Cause that cartoon has got the boom anime babes/ That make me think the wrong thing”
1998: The original Japanese Sailor Moon TV series ran until 1997, though the English-language version continued to run until 2000.
2013: A quick Google image search for “anime babes” proves they are still able to make one think the wrong thing.

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Patrick Stewart And Ian McKellen Are Having The Most Fun In New York City

A reminder of how much fun you can have in this city when you’re with your best pal.

This is the best thing I’ve seen today. I want this to be set to a musical montage. And there should be skipping. Lots of skipping.

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John Barrowman putting together and riding an adult Big Wheel.

Because he can.


Woah. Woah. Woah.

… adult big wheels are a thing?!

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"When a Saudi prince offered me half a million dollars to jack off a breakdancing robot, I said what I always say: ‘Swag.’"

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Dan Aykroyd and Bill Murray on the set of Ghostbusters (1984)



Dan Aykroyd and Bill Murray on the set of Ghostbusters (1984)

(Source: cinecat)